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DIG-DN163PS   Digitrax DN163PS N Scale Premium Decoder with Med Plug (1.2"" wires)
DIG-DS44   Digitrax DS44 Stationary DCC Decoder
DIG-DS51K1   Digitrax DS51K1 Stationary DCC Decoder
DIG-DS52   Digitrax DS52 Stationary DCC Decoder
DIG-DS64   Digitrax DS64 Stationary DCC Decoder
DIG-DT402   Digitrax DT402 Super Walkaround/IR Throttle
DIG-DT402D   Digitrax DT402D Super Radio (Duplex) Throttle
DIG-DT402R   Digitrax DT402R Super Radio (Simplex) Throttle
DIG-DZ123   Digitrax DZ123 HO/N/Z Scale DCC Decoder
DIG-DZ123M0   Digitrax DZ123M0 Z Scale Decoder For MicroTrains GP-35, GP-9
DIG-DZ123PS   Digitrax DZ123PS Z Scale Decoder 2 Function DCC Med (1.2"" wires)
DIG-DZ125   Digitrax DZ125 HO/N/Z Scale DCC Decoder
DIG-DZ125IN   Digitrax DZ125IN DCC Decoder for Z scale (6-pin NEM 651 Plug)
DIG-DZ125PS   Digitrax DZ125PS HO/N/Z Scale DCC Decoder with 8-Pin NMRA Plug
DIG-DZ126   Digitrax DZ126 Motor-Function Decoder (1 Amp)
DIG-DZ126T   Digitrax DZ126T Motor-Function Decoder (1 Amp)
DIG-DZ143   Digitrax DZ143 HO/N/Z Scale DCC Decoder
DIG-DZ143PS   Digitrax DZ143PS HO/N/Z Scale DCC Decoder with 8-Pin NMRA Plug
DIG-PM42   Digitrax Power Management System, PM42
DIG-PR3   Digitrax PR3XTRA USB Decoder Programmer
DIG-PS14   Digitrax PS14 Power Supply
DIG-PS2012   Digitrax PS2012 20 Amp Power Supply
DIG-PS514   Digitrax PS514 Power Supply
DIG-PS515   Digitrax PS515 Power Supply
DIG-PSYC52   Digitrax PSYC52 Y Cable For PS2012
DIG-RX4   Digitrax RX4 Block Transponding Receivers -- 4 Block Unit
DIG-SDH164D   Digitrax SDH164D SoundFX-Motor-Function Decoder
DIG-SDH164K1A   Digitrax SDH164K1A Sound-Motor-Function Decoder For Kato HO AC4400
DIG-SDH164K1B   Digitrax SDH164K1B Sound-Motor-Function Decoder For Kato HO SD38-2
DIG-SDH164K1C   Digitrax SDH164K1C Sound-Motor-Function Decoder For Kato HO F40PH
DIG-SDN144A0   Digitrax SDN144A0 Sound-Motor-Function Decoder for N Scale Atlas GP38 diesels
DIG-SDN144A1   Digitrax SDN144A1 Sound-Motor-Function Decoder for N Scale Atlas SD50/60 diesels
DIG-SDN144K0A   Digitrax SDN144K0A Sound-Motor-Function Decoder for N Scale Kato P42, E8, PA1, F40
DIG-SDN144K1E   Digitrax SDN144K1E Sound-Motor-Function Decoder For Kato N SD40-2
DIG-SDN144PS   Digitrax SDN144PS Sound-Motor-Function Decoder
DIG-SFX004   Digitrax SFX004 Soundbug Plug In For 165 Series Decoders
DIG-SFX0416   Digitrax SFX0416 SoundFX Function Decoder
DIG-SFX064D   Digitrax SFX064D Sound-Function Decoder
DIG-SP531832B   Digitrax SP531832B HO/N/Z Scale Box Speaker 53mm x 18mm x 14mm 32 Ohms
DIG-SP53188B   Digitrax SP53188B HO/N/Z Scale Box Speaker 53mm x 18mm x 14mm 32 Ohms
DIG-SCFX   Digitrax Super Chief Xtra DCC System
DIG-SCFXD   Digitrax Super Chief Xtra Duplex Radio Equipped DCC System
DIG-T1W   Digitrax T1W Warm White LEDs (10-Pack)
DIG-UP5   Digitrax UP5 LocoNet Universal Interconnect Panel
DIG-UR91   Digitrax UR91 Radio Equipped/IR Receiver Unit
DIG-UR92   Digitrax UR92 Duplex Radio Tranceiver/IR Receiver Unit
DIG-UT4   Digitrax UT4 LocoNet Utility Throttle
DIG-UT4D   Digitrax UT4D Duplex Radio Equipped LocoNet Utility Throttle
DIG-UT4R   Digitrax UT4R Radio Equipped LocoNet Utility Throttle
DIG-ZEPX   Digitrax ZEPX Zephyr XTRA 3 Amp DCC System
ME-4805   Dist Block
DMLL4802   DMLL4802 1/48 WWII US Northrop P-61A "Black Widow"
323-50   Dodge WC54 ambulance
KAL-12458   Done in a Day by Pelle Soeeborg
WOO10100   DPM 10100 HO Scale Kelly's Saloon KIT
WOO10200   DPM 10200 HO Scale Robert's Dry Goods KIT
WOO10300   DPM 10300 HO Scale Cutting's Scissor Co KIT
WOO10400   DPM 10400 HO Scale BMoore Catalog/Showroom KIT
WOO10500   DPM 10500 HO Scale Skip's Chicken & Ribs KIT
WOO10600   DPM 10600 HO Scale Laube's Linen Mill KIT
WOO10700   DPM 10700 HO Scale Freight Depot KIT
WOO10800   DPM 10800 HO Scale Goodfellows Hall KIT
WOO10900   DPM 10900 HO Scale Townhouse #1 KIT
WOO11000   DPM 11000 HO Scale Townhouse #2 KIT
WOO11100   DPM 11100 HO Scale Townhouse #3 KIT
WOO11200   DPM 11200 HO Scale City Cab Co KIT
WOO11300   DPM 11300 HO Scale Carol's Corner Cafe KIT
WOO11400   DPM 11400 HO Scale Townhouse Flats w/3 Fronts KIT
WOO11500   DPM 11500 HO Scale The Other Corner Cafe KIT
WOO11600   DPM 11600 HO Scale Carr's Parts KIT
WOO11700   DPM 11700 HO Scale JC Nickels KIT
WOO11800   DPM 11800 HO Scale 1st National Bank KIT
WOO11900   DPM 11900 HO Scale M.T. Arms Hotel KIT
WOO12000   DPM 12000 HO Scale Front Street Building KIT
WOO12100   DPM 12100 HO Scale Seymour Block KIT
WOO12200   DPM 12200 HO Scale First Bank KIT
WOO12300   DPM 12300 HO Scale Stone Bakery KIT
WOO20100   DPM 20100 HO Scale Schultz's Garage KIT
WOO20200   DPM 20200 HO Scale Pam's Pet Shop KIT
WOO20300   DPM 20300 HO Scale C. Smith Packing house KIT
WOO20400   DPM 20400 HO Scale Walker Building KIT
WOO30101   DPM 30101 HO Scale Street Level Arch Entry (4 Pack)
WOO30102   DPM 30102 HO Scale Street Level Loading Door (4 Pack)
WOO30103   DPM 30103 HO Scale Dock Level Arch Window (4 Pack)
WOO30104   DPM 30104 HO Scale Street/Dock Level Blank Wall (4 Pack)
WOO30105   DPM 30105 HO Scale Dock Level Arched Entry (4 Pack)
WOO30106   DPM 30106 HO Scale Dock Level Loading Door (4 Pack)
WOO30107   DPM 30107 HO Scale Street Level Open Arch (4 Pack)
WOO30108   DPM 30108 HO Scale 2 Story/4 Arch Window (4 Pack)
WOO30109   DPM 30109 HO Scale 2 Story/2 Arch Window Wall (4 Pack)
WOO30110   DPM 30110 HO Scale 2 Story/2 Arch Window Wall (4 Pack)
WOO30111   DPM 30111 HO Scale 2 Story Blank Wall (4 Pack)
WOO30112   DPM 30112 HO Scale 1 Story Arch Window Wall (4 Pack)
WOO30113   DPM 30113 HO Scale 1 Story Blank Wall (4 Pack)
WOO30114   DPM 30114 HO Scale Cornice, Fancy (8 Pack)
WOO30115   DPM 30115 HO Scale Dock Riser (8 Pack)
WOO30117   DPM 30117 HO Scale Cornice, Plain (8 Pack)
WOO30118   DPM 30118 HO Scale Powerhouse Window (2 Pack)
WOO30130   DPM 30130 HO Scale 1 Story/2 Rectangular Window Wall (4 Pack)
WOO30131   DPM 30131 HO Scale Street Level Rectangle Entry Wall (4 Pack)
WOO30132   DPM 30132 HO Scale Street Level Overhead Door (4 Pack)
WOO30133   DPM 30133 HO Scale Dock Level Rectangle Window (4 Pack)
WOO30134   DPM 30134 HO Scale Street Level Rectangle Window (4 Pack)
WOO30135   DPM 30135 HO Scale Dock Level Overhead Door (4 Pack)
WOO30136   DPM 30136 HO Scale Dock Level Rectangle Entry (4 Pack)
WOO30137   DPM 30137 HO Scale 2 Story/2 Low Rectangle Windows (4 Pack)
WOO30138   DPM 30138 HO Scale 2 Story/4 Rectangle Windows (4 Pack)
WOO30139   DPM 30139 HO Scale 2 Story/2 High Rectangle Windows (4 Pack)
WOO30141   DPM 30141 HO Scale Street Level Victorian Entry (4 Pack)
WOO30142   DPM 30142 HO Scale Street Level Victorian Window (4 Pack)
WOO30143   DPM 30143 HO Scale Dock Level Victorian Window (4 Pack)
WOO30144   DPM 30144 HO Scale 2 Story Victorian Window (4 Pack)
WOO30147   DPM 30147 HO Scale 1 Story Victorian Window (4 Pack)
WOO30161   DPM 30161 HO Scale Street Level 20th Century Entry (4 Pack)
WOO30162   DPM 30162 HO Scale Street Level 20th Century Window (4 Pack)
WOO30163   DPM 30163 HO Scale Dock Level 20th Century Window (4 Pack)
WOO30164   DPM 30164 HO Scale 2 Story 20th Century Window (4 Pack)
WOO30167   DPM 30167 HO Scale 1 Story 20th Century Window (4 Pack)
WOO30171   DPM 30171 HO Scale Street Level Steel Sash Entry (4 Pack)
WOO30172   DPM 30172 HO Scale Dock Level Steel Sash Entry (4 Pack)
WOO30173   DPM 30173 HO Scale Dock Level Steel Sash Window (4 Pack)
WOO30174   DPM 30174 HO Scale 2 Story Steel Sash Window (4 Pack)
WOO30175   DPM 30175 HO Scale 1 Story Steel Sash Window (4 Pack)
WOO30190   DPM 30190 HO Scale Roof & Trim Kit
WOO30191   DPM 30191 HO Scale Modular Planninn Packet KIT
WOO35100   DPM 35100 HO Scale Modular 3 in 1 KIT (120 Pack)
WOO35200   DPM 35200 HO Scale Modular 4 in 1 KIT (175 Pack)
WOO35300   DPM 35300 HO Scale Modular 4 in 1 KIT (213 Pack)
WOO35400   DPM 35400 HO Scale Fedups Freight Co KIT
WOO35500   DPM 35500 HO Scale Tera Surplus KIT
WOO35600   DPM 35600 HO Scale The Powerhouse KIT
WOO36000   DPM 36000 HO Scale Modular Learning Kit
WOO36100   DPM 36100 HO Scale Arched Window Industrial Building KIT
WOO36200   DPM 36200 HO Scale Rectangle Window Industrial Building KIT
WOO36300   DPM 36300 HO Scale Victorian Storefront Building KIT
WOO36400   DPM 36400 HO Scale 20th Century Storefront Building KIT
WOO36500   DPM 36500 HO Scale Steel Sash Industrial Building KIT
WOO40100   DPM 40100 HO Scale Gold Drywell Inks KIT
WOO40200   DPM 40200 HO Scale Gold Whitewater Brewing KIT
WOO40300   DPM 40300 HO Scale Gold Entertainment District KIT
WOO40400   DPM 40400 HO Scale Gold Emery Lane KIT
WOO40500   DPM 40500 HO Scale Gold Coal River Passenger Depot KIT
WOO40600   DPM 40600 HO Scale Gold Harlee & Sons Cycle Shop KIT
WOO40700   DPM 40700 HO Scale Gold Popa Weelie's Saloon KIT
WOO50100   DPM 50100 N Scale Bruce's Bakery KIT
WOO50200   DPM 50200 N Scale Haye's Hardware KIT
WOO50300   DPM 50300 N Scale Otto's Parts KIT
WOO50400   DPM 50400 N Scale Char's Soda Shoppe KIT
WOO50500   DPM 50500 N Scale Goodnight Matress Co KIT
WOO50600   DPM 50600 N Scale Gripp's Luggage Mfg KIT
WOO50700   DPM 50700 N Scale Corner Apothecary KIT
WOO50800   DPM 50800 N Scale Crestone Credit Union KIT
WOO50900   DPM 50900 N Scale Hilltowne Hotel KIT
WOO51000   DPM 51000 N Scale Trackside Transfer KIT
WOO51100   DPM 51100 N Scale Cricket's Saloon KIT
WOO51200   DPM 51200 N Scale Roadkill Café KIT
WOO51300   DPM 51300 N Scale Corner Turret Building KIT
WOO51400   DPM 51400 N Scale Erik's Emporium KIT
WOO51500   DPM 51500 N Scale Reed Books KIT
WOO51600   DPM 51600 N Scale Wilhelmi Mercantile KIT
WOO60101   DPM 60101 N Scale Street/Dock Level Blank Wall (3 Pack)
WOO60102   DPM 60102 N Scale Dock Level Window Wall (3 Pack)
WOO60103   DPM 60103 N Scale Street Level Window Wall (3 Pack)
WOO60104   DPM 60104 N Scale Street/Dock Level Entry Doors (3 Pack)
WOO60105   DPM 60105 N Scale Dock Level Freight Door (3 Pack)
WOO60106   DPM 60106 N Scale Street Level Freight Door (3 Pack)
WOO60111   DPM 60111 N Scale 1 Story Blank Wall (3 Pack)
WOO60112   DPM 60112 N Scale 1 Story Window Wall (3 Pack)
WOO60121   DPM 60121 N Scale 2 Story Blank Wall (3 Pack)
WOO60122   DPM 60122 N Scale 2 Story Wall/12 Windows (3 Pack)
WOO60123   DPM 60123 N Scale 2 Story Wall/6 Windows (3 Pack)
WOO60131   DPM 60131 N Scale Dock Riser Wall (6 Pack)
WOO60132   DPM 60132 N Scale Cornice (9 Pack)
WOO60191   DPM 60191 N Scale Modular Planning Packet
WOO66000   DPM 66000 N Scale Gold Woods Furniture Co KIT
WOO66100   DPM 66100 N Scale Gold Olsen Feed/Larson's Implement KIT
WOO66200   DPM 66200 N Scale Gold Jerry Riggs Quick Service KIT
WOO66300   DPM 66300 N Scale Gold Night Life KIT
WOO80100   DPM 80100 O Scale Birdie's Tavern KIT
WOO80200   DPM 80200 O Scale Kirsten's Corner Café KIT
WOO80300   DPM 80300 O Scale Aunt Eleanor's House KIT
WOO90101   DPM 90101 O Scale Street/Dock Level Arched Entry (2 Pack)
WOO90102   DPM 90102 O Scale Arched Window Wall (2 Pack)
WOO90103   DPM 90103 O Scale Blank Wall (2 Pack)
WOO90104   DPM 90104 O Scale Street/Dock Level Rectangle Entry (2 Pack)
WOO90105   DPM 90105 O Scale Rectangular Window Wall (2 Pack)
WOO90106   DPM 90106 O Scale Double Rectangular Window (2 Pack)
WOO90107   DPM 90107 O Scale Street/Dock Level Freight Door (2 Pack)
WOO90108   DPM 90108 O Scale Dock Riser Wall (4 Pack)
WOO90109   DPM 90109 O Scale Cornice (8 Pack)
WOO90191   DPM 90191 O Scale Modular Planning Packet
WOO95100   DPM 95100 O Scale Heier Kite Co KIT
WOO95200   DPM 95200 O Scale Konrad Paint Co KIT
DRE401   Dremel 401 Mandrel: 414,422,429
DUB228   Du-Bro 228 Mini Kwik Link, Self Threading Nylon Couplers for 2-56 Threaded Rods (2-pack)
DUB360   Du-Bro 360 Tap & Drill Sets, 2-56
DUB370   Du-Bro 370 Tap & Drill Sets, 2 mm
DUB378   Du-Bro 378 2-56 Fully Threaded Rod, 1 12" Rod (.072 Diameter)
DUB633   Du-Bro 633 T-Style Tap Handle
DP84   Durango Press 84 HO Scale Acetylene Tanks

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