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DA2717   Details Associates GR-2717 HO Scale Grilles "GE 8-40CW Railpower set
DA2718   Details Associates GR-2718 HO Scale Grilles "GE 8-40B"-Railpower
DA2722   Details Associates GR2722 HO Scale Grille Set-'GE' C32-8 Railpower 1 set
DA1708   Details Associates JW-1708 HO Scale Clear Classification Light nLens-4 1/2" Dia 12 each
DA1102   Details Associates LR-1102 HO Scale Lift Ring EMD-F&E Unit Nose
DA1106   Details Associates LR-1106 HO Scale Lift Ring-Alco RS-DL/FA/PA Century 12 each
DA1107   Details Associates LR-1107 HO Scale Lift Ring-Alco RS-RSD-Switchers 12 each
DA1020   Details Associates LT-1020 HO Scale EMD Classification Light Blank Knock-Out for Dash-2s
DA1503   Details Associates MU-1503 HO Scale MU Stand EMD-Intermediate GP-SO Type Single 2 each
DA1505   Details Associates MU-1505 HO Scale MU Stand EMD-LATE gp so Type Single 2 each
DA1508   Details Associates MU-1508 HO Scale MU Air Hoses
DA6603   Details Associates PC-6603 HO Scale Passenger Car Roof Ladder Grabs 12 wire formed grabs, 12 plastic NBWs
DA1803   Details Associates RA-1803 HO Scale Radio Antenna Sinclair Type qty 4
DA2206   Details Associates SA-2206 HO Scale Eye Bolt,3 1/2" Dia qty 24
DA3001   Details Associates SD-3001 HO Scale Sandfiller Cover EMD (Late) for GP-35s and Later 6 each
DA1301   Details Associates SS 1301 HO Scale Plastic Cab Sunshade GP/SD Style
DA6412   Details Associates SS-6412 HO Scale Stirrup Step Stepped Offset (Bottom Mount 17"D x 14"W) 8 each
dass6413   Details Associates SS-6413 HO Scale Stirruo Step,Double Offset (Bottom Mount 18 1/2"D x 12"W) 8 each
DA6428   Details Associates SS6428 HO Scale ACF Centerflow Hopper Stirrups pkg(8)
DA2204   Details Associates SY-2204 HO Scale Coupler Lift Bar-with Bracket 2 each
DA2205   Details Associates SY-2205 HO Scale Coupler Lift Bar-Standard type qty 10
DA2208   Details Associates SY-2208 HO Scale Pilot w/Foorboard Metal Type 2 sets
DA2801   Details Associates TK-2801 HO Scale Brake Cylinders for Diesel trucks 8 each
DA2802   Details Associates TK-2802 HO Scale EMD-Shock Absorber Snubber 4 eacg
DA2803   Details Associates TK-2803 HO Scale GE-Shock Absorber Snubber 4 each
DA1502   Details Associates-DS-1502 HO Scale MU Stands - Early GP
DW-170   Details West 170 Cab Signal Box
DW208   Details West 208 HO Scale F-Unit A Detail Kit
DW209   Details West 209 HO Scale F-Unit B Detail Kit
DW-253   Details West 253 Nathan K3 Air Horn w/Reverse #4 Bell
DW-254   Details West 254 Nathan K3 Air Horn
DW-294   Details West 294 MU Hoses Cluster 36", Pre 1980 Locos
DW-295   Details West 295 MU Hoses, 4 Hose Cluster 36", Pre 1980 Locos
DW-373   Details West 373 Air Horn, Leslie L-3 w/Low-Profile Manifold Bracket
DW373   Details West 373 HO Scale Air Horn, Leslie L-3 w/Low-Profile Manifold Bracket
DW-374   Details West 374 Cab Headlight Set w/Numberboard & Window Frames, Norfolk Southern Style
DW-376   Details West 376 Electronic Bell (Non-Working), Used by Many Railroads
DW-260   Details West AC-260 Air Conditioner, Dash 9 (Dayton-Phoenix)
DW-308   Details West AF-308 Air Dryer Filter, Cylinder/Box Style for Late Era Model GE & EMD Locos pkg(2)
DW225   Details West AF225 Salem Type Air Filter, Small
DW226   Details West AF226 Salem Type Air Filter, Small
DW-131   Details West AH-131 Air Horns -- Hancock Type 4700
DW170   Details West CB-170 Automatic Train Control Box
DW1023   Details West CC-1023 Cushion Coupler Pocket "20 Inch" Cushion, For 50' & 60' Freight Cars
DW-143   Details West CF143 Cooling Fans - Styrene, 48" Cap-Top
DW-230   Details West DS-230 GE Detail Set, SP, CSX, NS & CP
DW-375   Details West ET-375 EOT Bracket for NS Locomotives
DW182   Details West FF-182 Underframe, 50' Hydra-Cushion w/Brake Set
DW-139   Details West FF139 Air Filters, Early Type, 2nd Generation EMD & GE Units
DW900   Details West HD900 Detectors, Hot Box
DW-106   Details West HO Scale RB-106 Rotary Beacon
dw266   Details West MU-266 HO Scale MU Hoses 3 Cluster
DW218   Details West MU218 MU Cables, Double Plugs
DW236   Details West MU236 MU Cables, Double Plugs
DW-110   Details West PL-110 Snow Plows, With Footboards
DW-150   Details West PL-150 Snow Plow, Weed Cutter
DW-155   Details West PL-155 Standard Snow Plow
DW-180   Details West PL-180 Snow Plow, Flat
DW-216   Details West PL-216 Snow Plow, Amtrak
DW-256   Details West PL-256 Standard Snow Plow
DW157   Details West RA-157 Radio Antenna
DW-274   Details West RA-274 Sinclair Antenna, Long Type
DW-275   Details West RA-275 Sinclair Antenna, Short Type
DW-377   Details West SC-377 GE Scale Buffer Plate All GE Locos
DW-307   Details West TR-307 Steerable Truck Sideframe for GE Phase I
DW212   Details West WH-212 Winterization Hatch 48" SD's
DIG-SCFXD8Amp   Digitrax 8am Super Chief Xtra Duplex Radio Equipped DCC System
DIG-AR1   Digitrax AR1 Auto Reversing Controller
DIG-BDL168   Digitrax BDL168 LocoNet Occupancy Detector -- For 16 Detection Sections
DIG-DB150   Digitrax DB150 Power Management Equipment -- Smart Booster w/Intelligent Autoreverse 5-Amp / 80 Watts
DIG-DCS100   Digitrax DCS100 Command Station / Booster
DIG-DecoderWire   Digitrax Decoder Wire, 30AWG (10' of each color)
DIG-DH163P   Digitrax DH163P HO Scale DCC Decoder, 3" harness with NMRA Plug
DIG-DH163PS   Digitrax DH163PS HO Scale DCC Decoder, 1" harness with NMRA Plug
DIG-DH165A0   Digitrax DH165A0 HO Scale DCC Decoder (Athearn Genesis, Kato, Stewart, Atlas & Others)
DIG-DH165IP   Digitrax DH165IP HO Scale 6 Function DCC Decoder (8-Pin NMRA Plug)
DIG-DH165K0   Digitrax DH165K0 HO Scale DCC Decoder (Kato, Stewart, Atlas & Others)
DIG-DH165K1A   Digitrax DH165K1A HO Scale DCC Decoder (Kato SD40-2 & Others)
DIG-DH165L0   Digitrax DH165L0 HO Scale DCC Decoder (fits many Life-like HO Diesel Locomotives)
DIG-DH165Q1   Digitrax DH165Q1 HO Decoder Replacement For QSI Factory Installs
DIG-DH465   Digitrax DH465 HO/O 4 AMP - 6 Function Decoder w/Digitrax Harness
DIG-DHWHP   Digitrax DHWHP 9 pin harness with 8-pin NMRA Plug
DIG-DHWHPS   Digitrax DHWHPS HO Scale Wire Harness Short
DIG-DN123K3   Digitrax DN123K3 DCC Decoder for Kato N scale NW2
DIG-DN135D   Digitrax DN135D Motor-Function Decoder
DIG-DN135PS   Digitrax DN135PS Motor-Function Decoder
DIG-DN143IP   Digitrax DN143IP DCC Decoder for N scale Con-Cor and Others (8-Pin NMRA Plug)
DIG-DN143K2   Digitrax DN143K2 DCC Decoder for Kato N scale RDC
DIG-DN163   Digitrax DN163 DCC Decoder for HO and N Locomotives (NO Plug)
DIG-DN163A0   Digitrax DN163A0 DCC Decoder for Atlas N Scale GP40-2, U25B, SD35, Trainmaster, B23-7 & Others
DIG-DN163A1   Digitrax DN163A1 DCC Decoder for Atlas N Scale SD60, SD60M, SD50 & Others
DIG-DN163A2   Digitrax DN163A2 DCC Decoder for Atlas N Scale GP15. GP30 & Others
DIG-DN163A3   Digitrax DN163A3 DCC Decoder for Atlas N Scale MP15
DIG-DN163I0   Digitrax DN163I0 DCC Decoder for N Scale InterMountain SD40T-2 "Tunnel Motor"
DIG-DN163I1A   Digitrax DN163I1A DCC Decoder for N Scale InterMountain FT A Units
DIG-DN163I1B   Digitrax DN163I1B DCC Decoder for N Scale InterMountain FT B Units
DIG-DN163I1C   Digitrax DN163I1C DCC Decoder for N Scale InterMountain F3/F7 Units
DIG-DN163I2   Digitrax DN163I2 DCC Decoder for N Scale InterMountain FP-7 A Units
DIG-DN163K0A   Digitrax DN163K0A DCC Decoder for Kato N scale P-42, PA-1 & E-8
DIG-DN163K0B   Digitrax DN163K0B DCC Decoder for Kato N scale F3 A & B Units
DIG-DN163K0D   Digitrax DN163K0D DCC Decoder for Kato N scale EMD F40PH
DIG-DN163K0E   Digitrax DN163K0E N Scale DCC Board Replacement Mobile Decoder for Kato EMD E5A
DIG-DN163K1B   Digitrax DN163K1B DCC Decoder for N Scale KATO SD40, SD70MAC and others
DIG-DN163K1C   Digitrax DN163K1C DCC Decoder for Kato N Scale EMD SD40-2, SD70ACe locomotives (2006+)
DIG-DN163K1D   Digitrax DN163K1D DCC Decoder for Kato N Scale EMD Class 66, GG1 and DD51 locomotives
DIG-DN163K2   Digitrax DN163K2 DCC Decoder for Kato N scale SD80/90MAC Series, RSC2, RS2
DIG-DN163M0   Digitrax DN163M0 N Scale Decoder for MicroTrains FT
DIG-DN163PS   Digitrax DN163PS N Scale Premium Decoder with Med Plug (1.2"" wires)
DIG-DS44   Digitrax DS44 Stationary DCC Decoder
DIG-DS51K1   Digitrax DS51K1 Stationary DCC Decoder
DIG-DS52   Digitrax DS52 Stationary DCC Decoder
DIG-DS64   Digitrax DS64 Stationary DCC Decoder
DIG-DT402   Digitrax DT402 Super Walkaround/IR Throttle
DIG-DT402D   Digitrax DT402D Super Radio (Duplex) Throttle
DIG-DT402R   Digitrax DT402R Super Radio (Simplex) Throttle
DIG-DZ123   Digitrax DZ123 HO/N/Z Scale DCC Decoder
DIG-DZ123M0   Digitrax DZ123M0 Z Scale Decoder For MicroTrains GP-35, GP-9
DIG-DZ123PS   Digitrax DZ123PS Z Scale Decoder 2 Function DCC Med (1.2"" wires)
DIG-DZ125   Digitrax DZ125 HO/N/Z Scale DCC Decoder
DIG-DZ125IN   Digitrax DZ125IN DCC Decoder for Z scale (6-pin NEM 651 Plug)
DIG-DZ125PS   Digitrax DZ125PS HO/N/Z Scale DCC Decoder with 8-Pin NMRA Plug
DIG-DZ126   Digitrax DZ126 Motor-Function Decoder (1 Amp)
DIG-DZ126T   Digitrax DZ126T Motor-Function Decoder (1 Amp)
DIG-DZ143   Digitrax DZ143 HO/N/Z Scale DCC Decoder
DIG-DZ143PS   Digitrax DZ143PS HO/N/Z Scale DCC Decoder with 8-Pin NMRA Plug
DIG-PM42   Digitrax Power Management System, PM42
DIG-PR3   Digitrax PR3XTRA USB Decoder Programmer
DIG-PS14   Digitrax PS14 Power Supply
DIG-PS2012   Digitrax PS2012 20 Amp Power Supply
DIG-PS514   Digitrax PS514 Power Supply
DIG-PS515   Digitrax PS515 Power Supply
DIG-PSYC52   Digitrax PSYC52 Y Cable For PS2012
DIG-RX4   Digitrax RX4 Block Transponding Receivers -- 4 Block Unit
DIG-SDH164D   Digitrax SDH164D SoundFX-Motor-Function Decoder
DIG-SDH164K1A   Digitrax SDH164K1A Sound-Motor-Function Decoder For Kato HO AC4400
DIG-SDH164K1B   Digitrax SDH164K1B Sound-Motor-Function Decoder For Kato HO SD38-2
DIG-SDH164K1C   Digitrax SDH164K1C Sound-Motor-Function Decoder For Kato HO F40PH
DIG-SDN144A0   Digitrax SDN144A0 Sound-Motor-Function Decoder for N Scale Atlas GP38 diesels
DIG-SDN144A1   Digitrax SDN144A1 Sound-Motor-Function Decoder for N Scale Atlas SD50/60 diesels
DIG-SDN144K0A   Digitrax SDN144K0A Sound-Motor-Function Decoder for N Scale Kato P42, E8, PA1, F40
DIG-SDN144K1E   Digitrax SDN144K1E Sound-Motor-Function Decoder For Kato N SD40-2
DIG-SDN144PS   Digitrax SDN144PS Sound-Motor-Function Decoder
DIG-SFX004   Digitrax SFX004 Soundbug Plug In For 165 Series Decoders
DIG-SFX0416   Digitrax SFX0416 SoundFX Function Decoder
DIG-SFX064D   Digitrax SFX064D Sound-Function Decoder
DIG-SP531832B   Digitrax SP531832B HO/N/Z Scale Box Speaker 53mm x 18mm x 14mm 32 Ohms
DIG-SP53188B   Digitrax SP53188B HO/N/Z Scale Box Speaker 53mm x 18mm x 14mm 32 Ohms
DIG-SCFX   Digitrax Super Chief Xtra DCC System
DIG-SCFXD   Digitrax Super Chief Xtra Duplex Radio Equipped DCC System
DIG-T1W   Digitrax T1W Warm White LEDs (10-Pack)
DIG-UP5   Digitrax UP5 LocoNet Universal Interconnect Panel
DIG-UR91   Digitrax UR91 Radio Equipped/IR Receiver Unit
DIG-UR92   Digitrax UR92 Duplex Radio Tranceiver/IR Receiver Unit
DIG-UT4   Digitrax UT4 LocoNet Utility Throttle
DIG-UT4D   Digitrax UT4D Duplex Radio Equipped LocoNet Utility Throttle
DIG-UT4R   Digitrax UT4R Radio Equipped LocoNet Utility Throttle
DIG-ZEPX   Digitrax ZEPX Zephyr XTRA 3 Amp DCC System
ME-4805   Dist Block
DMLL4802   DMLL4802 1/48 WWII US Northrop P-61A "Black Widow"
323-50   Dodge WC54 ambulance
KAL-12458   Done in a Day by Pelle Soeeborg
WOO10100   DPM 10100 HO Scale Kelly's Saloon KIT
WOO10200   DPM 10200 HO Scale Robert's Dry Goods KIT
WOO10300   DPM 10300 HO Scale Cutting's Scissor Co KIT
WOO10400   DPM 10400 HO Scale BMoore Catalog/Showroom KIT
WOO10500   DPM 10500 HO Scale Skip's Chicken & Ribs KIT
WOO10600   DPM 10600 HO Scale Laube's Linen Mill KIT
WOO10700   DPM 10700 HO Scale Freight Depot KIT
WOO10800   DPM 10800 HO Scale Goodfellows Hall KIT
WOO10900   DPM 10900 HO Scale Townhouse #1 KIT
WOO11000   DPM 11000 HO Scale Townhouse #2 KIT
WOO11100   DPM 11100 HO Scale Townhouse #3 KIT
WOO11200   DPM 11200 HO Scale City Cab Co KIT
WOO11300   DPM 11300 HO Scale Carol's Corner Cafe KIT
WOO11400   DPM 11400 HO Scale Townhouse Flats w/3 Fronts KIT
WOO11500   DPM 11500 HO Scale The Other Corner Cafe KIT
WOO11600   DPM 11600 HO Scale Carr's Parts KIT
WOO11700   DPM 11700 HO Scale JC Nickels KIT
WOO11800   DPM 11800 HO Scale 1st National Bank KIT
WOO11900   DPM 11900 HO Scale M.T. Arms Hotel KIT
WOO12000   DPM 12000 HO Scale Front Street Building KIT
WOO12100   DPM 12100 HO Scale Seymour Block KIT
WOO12200   DPM 12200 HO Scale First Bank KIT
WOO12300   DPM 12300 HO Scale Stone Bakery KIT
WOO20100   DPM 20100 HO Scale Schultz's Garage KIT
WOO20200   DPM 20200 HO Scale Pam's Pet Shop KIT
WOO20300   DPM 20300 HO Scale C. Smith Packing house KIT
WOO20400   DPM 20400 HO Scale Walker Building KIT
WOO30101   DPM 30101 HO Scale Street Level Arch Entry (4 Pack)
WOO30102   DPM 30102 HO Scale Street Level Loading Door (4 Pack)
WOO30103   DPM 30103 HO Scale Dock Level Arch Window (4 Pack)
WOO30104   DPM 30104 HO Scale Street/Dock Level Blank Wall (4 Pack)
WOO30105   DPM 30105 HO Scale Dock Level Arched Entry (4 Pack)
WOO30106   DPM 30106 HO Scale Dock Level Loading Door (4 Pack)
WOO30107   DPM 30107 HO Scale Street Level Open Arch (4 Pack)
WOO30108   DPM 30108 HO Scale 2 Story/4 Arch Window (4 Pack)
WOO30109   DPM 30109 HO Scale 2 Story/2 Arch Window Wall (4 Pack)
WOO30110   DPM 30110 HO Scale 2 Story/2 Arch Window Wall (4 Pack)
WOO30111   DPM 30111 HO Scale 2 Story Blank Wall (4 Pack)
WOO30112   DPM 30112 HO Scale 1 Story Arch Window Wall (4 Pack)

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