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The East Broad Top railroad has been affectionately referred to as “The Narrow Gauge Railroad That Time Forgot”. Headquartered in the South Central Pennsylvania town of Rockhill Furnace, the EBT was officially operating by August of 1873, having languished on paper and awaiting funding since its charter in 1856. The coal fields of Broad Top Mountain beckoned with financial opportunity, and the EBT was eventually delivering coal from the mines near Robertsdale down to Mt. Union for transfer to the Pennsylvania Railroad. The line also hauled iron ore, pig iron, stone, timber, and agricultural products (as well as passengers), but the main traffic was always coal, which kept the little 33 mile three-foot gauge railroad in the black for the better part of 60 years. The first quantity of the “modern” 2-bay hoppers were constructed by the Pressed Steel Car Company in 1913.

The EBT would construct many more between 1914 and 1927, with the 3-bay design being the general standard. Most of the earlier 2-bay cars were rebuilt to three bays. Eventually, over 260 of the 3-bay hoppers would see service into the 1950s. The EBT 3-bay steel hopper is a must have for model railroaders who share an interest in this wonderful little road, as well as freelancers looking for a classic piece of rolling stock history. Blackstone Models is proud to announce this classic car in HOn3. As with all Blackstone Models products, accurate details and dimensions will accentuate the EBT 3 bay hopper, resulting in a model that will be sought after by all narrow gauge fans!