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HO Scale N5 / N5c Cabooses (Cabins)


Built by the Pennslyvania Railroad "Lines East" starting in 1914, they were originally equiped with Arch bar Leaf Spring trucks, "K" brake system, brake levers on each end platform and had no crash bars. They were later updated with Ajax brake wheels and AB brake system and crash posts.

The oldest of the Conrail caboose classes, Conrail started with 314 in 1976. By 1981 there were only 118 left.


The PRR's began building 199 N-5C's in March 1942. This caboose utilized round windows on the carbody and most end doors, a larger streamlined cupola , lower belt rail, no vertical butt strip.

Exterior dimensions were the same as for the N-5B.

Original PRR numbers were 477820-478019.
Penn Central renumbered them into the 23000-23179 series.
169 made it to Conrail retaining their PC numbers. They weighted 43200 lbs

Information from http://www.hebners.net/